Short video about Mozambican capital in 2017

Short video about Mozambican capital in 2017

Dearest foreign colleague, hope you well.

Watch this video it will help settle the doubt you have about where I’m coming from, my country Mozambique.

This short video by Sergio Leandro, shows Mozambican capital. You might know by now that MOZAMBIQUE is in Africa, in African Continent, on geographical map it is down the bottom to your right, near Souhth Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. It is not Madagascar, it is opposite Madagascar yes. Yes it was once Portuguese colony yes. Our main language is Portuguese and we have good number of local dialects too but so far, Portuguese is the official one.

You colleague of mine somewhere in foreign country you asked me if there are houses made of bricks in Mozambique? If there are flats, roads and amusement parks and few more things there in Mozambique. For me, your vision or idea about my country, my continent is outdated you are well overdue to visit Africa, mozambique. Well don’t worry because you are not alone, there are millions who still thinking just like you. However, I failed to ask you where do you think people sleep there. For me, your question was not a joke it was naive but very genuine question.

Before critique him let me tell you that this is not his entire fault, there are big agenda by some governments which some of you know better, it is also what he knows about us to be, it is what he read about us, it is what he watched about us, moreover, some of my brothers and sisters’ behaviour contributed to this thinking.

However, for you my dearest colleague, please watch this video probably you and others will change your minds about the way we live in Mozambique. But let me admit that not many have privilege of living on high rising or eat tuna or have access to the basic. I just wanted to show you small part of us to settle your doubt, enjoy.

Sergio Cesar

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